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Guided tours to the Hot Springs available. Call, email, or ask at the gate when you get here. Local gold panning & gold mine excursions also.
  • Welcome to Deep Creek Hot Springs!

    These natural hot springs are located in the San Bernardino National Forest. The pools were built by volunteers over a period of years and are largely maintained by volunteers in the pristine state you see them in today. The beautiful and unique landscape, the soothing hot spring waters mixing with the cool mountain stream, local custom and tradition makes for a wonderful clothing-optional setting to be enjoyed by all. Regarded as a sacred place by the Native Americans that once inhabited the area, pilgrimages were made to these hot springs for thousands of years. And now,people from all around the world come to the Deep Creek hot springs to get away from their everyday life, & relax with a soak  in the naturally heated pools,   enjoy the unique ecosystem & natural environment of the area all year long.

    Please help preserve and protect Deep Creek Hot Springs, as they exist today, for our children and grandchildren. Deep Creek Hot Springs should be open and available to all as a clean, healthy, clothing optional, family oriented place, where people are brought together in a sense of community and in harmony with the natural environment. Please do your part to preserve the natural beauty of the hot springs by being fully aware of the United States Forest Service regulations and being fully responsible for the actions of yourself and your entire group, and consider participating in volunteer cleanup efforts. If you are a returning visitor bringing along friends for their first visit, please  educate them regarding the rules and appropriate visitor etiquette.. Most of all, respect the land and the water around the springs.
    Please learn the USFS regulations for the area, Ignoring these regulations could lead to the closure of the area & cost you a fine between $50 and $200.

    The USFS regulations prohibit the following activities in the Deep Creek drainage area:

    -- Camping on National Forest lands within a mile of each side of Deep Creek.
    -- Building, maintaining or attending a fire, campfire or stove fire.
    -- Being in the Deep Creek area after sundown or before sunrise.
    -- Possession of glass containers within a mile of each side of Deep Creek.
    -- Being publicly nude within one-quarter mile of the T-6 crossing (close to Arrowhead).

    Deep Creek Hot Springs Etiquette

    Here is some basic hot springs etiquette. These aren’t rules, just common courtesy and common sense. The intent is to help make your Deep Creek Hot Springs visits more enjoyable for you and your fellow hotspringers.

    -- Respect other people's privacy and space.. Many are there for quiet time and wanting a peaceful experience.

    -- Do not bring glass containers. Even though you can take the greatest of care, accidents do happen.. No one wants to cut themselves on glass you brought in.

    -- Pack it in, pack it out. Leave no trace of your visit. There is no official trash collection at Deep Creek or toilets for human waste. If you carried it down, you need to carry it back up and take it home with you. Remember cigarette butts and melted candles are trash as well, so please do not leave them in the pools for others to take out. Unfortunately, not everyone packs all their trash out, so it is recommended people carry out more than they brought in to help maintain the cleanliness of the area and keep it a place everyone can enjoy. 

    -- Respect the environment. Do not cut down trees or break branches off.  Do not harm the wild life and other vegetation around the springs or on the trails.

    -- Don’t go out of established nude areas. To wander nude into clothing compulsive territory or be nude around other people’s children may offend many, and undermine our objectives. 

    -- No overt sexual activity. Nude is not lewd but combined with sex, it undermines our image and could cost us our freedom and enjoyment of the hot springs.

    -- Speak up for our standards. If a person seems unaware of hot springs etiquette, explain it kindly and plainly. Don't let unaware individuals ruin our fragile and beautiful place under the sun.

    -- Do not photograph people without their permission. It is common courtesy to ask first. Not everyone wants to end up in a stranger's photo album. Never photograph any children but your own.

    -- If you bring your dog to the hot springs, please bring a leash & clean up any messes your dog makes. Keep your dog it under your full control at all times, on the trail & at the hot springs.                                                                                                                    
    --Do not bring firearms or other dangerous weapons down to the hot springs.

      —Many people enjoy imbibing alcoholic beverages at the springs, but excessive drinking can lead to dehydration in the warmer months, and you don’t want to have to be rescued and Life-flighted out of the hot springs.

*The Deep Creek Hot Springs Area is a clothing optional area, and occasional nudity may be seen on the hiking trails & at private sites on the DCHS Campground property. Nudity is acceptable atyour site, but we ask that you wear clothing in our shared common areas.
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