Deep creek hot springs campground is the original bowen ranch camping & parking area that has been used to access the deep creek area for nearly a century, and is only 1.75 miles from the hot springs. and surrounded by numerous hiking and ohv trails waiting to be explored. the 160 acre campground is located in the juniper flats area of the apple valley highlands, nestled next to the san bernardino national forest & surrounded by 1000's of acres of BLM & USFS land. outdoor adventures await with the numerous hiking and ohv trails nearby. there is always plenty of parking & campsites available,with the option to prepay online with the link below. reservations can be made for large groups or special events by Texting 1-760-628-9870 or calling 1-760-515-7525.

OUR RATES ARE $10 per person per day. In order to provide the public access to a clean & maintained recreation area, a $10 donation is expected from each person accessing the Deep Creek Hot Springs or Juniper Flats recreation area through the Bowen Ranch property, which has been privately owned & operated as the main access point to the Deep Creek area since 1924. Your donation allows you to explore the local area for the rest of the day & includes camping overnight with access to the properties amenities, such as picnic tables, bbq/fire pits, potable water, wifi, bathrooms and showers. More importantly, our property offers the shortest easiest route to the Deep Creek Hot Springs and a safe secure place to park your vehicle while hiking. Visitors can check-in from 7:30 a.m. until midnight, and must check-out before 11:00 a.m. the next day or pay $5 for a late check-out that is good until dark. More secluded sites available for additional charge, pending availability(ask at the gate). Furnished glamping tents available starting at $119/night, reservations recommended on weekends(text for availability). 
*If you plan on camping the night before hiking to the hot springs, or if you check-in after dark when the Deep Creek area is closed to visitors, each person must pay an additional $5 late check-out fee unless you are leaving before 11am. It takes 2 hours to hike to the hot springs and back, not counting any time spent there.

All visitors must exit the deep creek canyon early enough to return back to the Bowen Ranch property by nightfall, being that the Deep Creek area is designated as day-use only. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO CAMPING PERMITTED AT THE HOT SPRINGS AS PER USFS REGULATIONS. Citations are issued by the USFS for illegal camping & building/maintaining campfires in the Deep Creek & Juniper Flats areas.  More info can be found at the USFS link below. 

(1) $10 Pass Includes Parking at the Deep Creek Hot Springs Trailhead with Overnight Camping for (1)Person. Check-out is 11 a.m. the following day. Please take a screenshot of your purchase to show the gate attendant when you arrive. If you will not be using it within 3 days of purchase, send a text to 1-760-628-9870 with your name and the date you will be visiting

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$10 per person per day + $5 late check-out fee if staying past 11am check-out time

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 Etiquette & history ofthe Deep Creek Hot Springs

These natural hot springs are located in the San Bernardino National Forest. The pools were built by volunteers over several decades and are maintained by volunteers to keep them in the pristine state you see them in today. The beautiful and unique landscape that accompanies these soothing hot spring pools that gently mix with the cool mountain fed waters of Deep Creek make for a wonderful clothing-optional setting to be enjoyed by all. Regarded as a sacred place by the Native Americans that once inhabited the area, pilgrimages were made to these hot springs for thousands of years. And now, people from all around the world come to the Deep Creek hot springs to get away from their everyday life & soak  in the naturally heated pools created from the friction of the fault located far beneath. The area can be enjoyed all year long, as the creek and hot pools are always flowing. Please help preserve and protect Deep Creek Hot Springs, as they exist today, for future generations. Please do your part to preserve the natural beauty of the hot springs by being fully aware of the United States Forest Service regulations and being fully responsible for the actions of yourself and your entire group. Most of all, respect the plants & animals that live on the land and in the water around the springs by not disturbing them in any way.

Please do your part to preserve the natural beauty of the hot springs by being fully aware of local regulations set forth by the US forestry service, and by being fully responsible for the actions of yourself and everyone in your group. Ignoring these regulations could lead to the closure of the area & cost you a fine up to $500. The USFS regulations prohibit the following activities in the Deep Creek drainage area: 1)Camping on National Forest lands within a mile of each side of the Deep Creek canyon.  2)Building, maintaining tending a fire. 3)Being in the Deep Creek area after sundown or before sunrise, day-use only area. 4)Possession of any glass containers within a mile of the Deep Creek hot springs is illegal. 5)Being publicly nude within one-quarter mile of the T-6 crossing(near Arrowhead).

Leave No Trace! Pack it in, pack it out! If you carried it down to the hot springs, then you need to carry it back with you. Remember cigarette butts and melted candles are trash as well, so please do not leave them in the pools for others to take out. There is no official trash collection done at the hot springs nor is there toilets for human waste... so plan accordingly and take all of your shit back home with you where it can be disposed of properly. Many locals & frequent visitors do not tolerate blatant littering & disrespect of the environment, and they will publicly shame those seen doing so in an effort to protect this beautiful sanctuary that is otherwise helpless to defend itself from the impact humans impose upon it. Respect the fragile ecosystem surrounding the hot springs. Do not cut down trees or break branches off.  Do not harm the wild life and other vegetation around the springs or on the trails.

Respect other people's space and privacy. Don’t go out of established nude areas. To wander nude into clothing compulsive territory or be nude around other people’s children, because it may offend people and undermine a true naturists objectives. No overt sexual activity should done in public view. Nude is not lewd, but combined with sex, it undermines the nudist/ naturist's image and could lead to conflicting ideals & legal implications, ultimately costing the enjoyment of the hot springs.

If you bring your dog to the hot springs, please bring a leash & clean up any messes your dog makes. Keep your dog under your full control at all times, both on the trail & at the hot springs. 

Many people enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages at the hot springs, but drinking alcohol in excess can lead to dehydration in the warmer months, making for a difficult if not impossible hike back out of the canyon... and you don’t want to have to be rescued and airlifted out of the hot springs at your expense. Stay sober enough so you can hike the 2 miles back up without assistance.

*The Deep Creek Hot Springs Area is a clothing optional area, it and occasional nudity may be seen on the hiking trails & at private sites on the DCHS Campground property. Nudity is acceptable at your site, but we ask that you wear clothing in our shared common areas. 

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